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Our creative industry has had to get "extra hands on" with delivering quality content straight from home. Our usual comfort in a lovely Soho sound studio has not been an option during Covid-19 isolation, so we've had to find new and creative ways to keep the ball rolling!

This has resulted in many fellow voiceover artists setting up recording equipment in a cupboard and getting cosy with a duvet for extra sound isolation!

With many audiences looking for some new entertainment during the quieter moments of isolation, Anna got busy recording the audiobook for Ellen Alpsten's new novel release "TSARINA". This is an almost unbelievable rags to richest story of Russia's empress 'Catherine the First', and her incredible rise to power. A re living of mid 17th century Russia which "makes Game of Thrones seem like a nursery rhyme".

Bringing this dramatic re telling of Catherine's remarkable 500 page journey to life certainly required some extra lung space, a challenge indeed! This intoxicating dark tale had to be lived through with every word and breath - every actors dream. What a pleasure it has been to be the voice of such powerful and luscious writing.

We are very much looking forward for the audience to experience this through their headphones and speakers, and indulging in some gothic storytelling.

"Anna Krippa narrates well at a suitable pace and gives a voice to each character so that they came alive for me." - Audible user review

"Well written, great narration." - Audible user review

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten's audio book is available to listen now on audible!

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